Sunday, March 1, 2009

A Couple New Features on LatinoLA

The Internet moves at lightening speed. LatinoLA doesn't. Our strategy has been slow growth at a low cost. Mainly, it's two guys running the show, a few people giving us advice and contributors who fill our pages with their great articles, insights, expressions and events. It's pay as you go, meaning the little expenses we have (phone bill, hosting fees, taxes) are paid with the small amount of advertising we bring in.

But sometimes we manage to make some adjustments to our look, our feel and our flow -- the design and the technology supporting it. It's all done in-house. Our finance usually don't allow us to spend for designers and tech support. But now we've gone and done it and used some of resources to bring to you a couple new features: A way for you, our readers, to post your comments on our articles and for you to email articles to your friends, colleagues, family, etc.

Check out any article page, say "Fists of Steel Still Motivates". Read the article and as you reach the end of it you will see" "This story has no comments or chisme. Be the first to write one!". Under that you will see four boxes, for you name, email address, email address again, and comment. That's where you come in. You could write something like: "This article is great!" or "This article is good, but not great!" or other words from your heart. After writing them, submit them, I check them on our administrator, correct spelling, grammer, take out the cuss words and post them. The next time you or someone else reads the article, the Comments area will say: "This article is great!" or "This article is good, but not great!" or something else. Go ahead, try it!

Another new feature is the ability to send articles via email to friends. Before, you may have copied the entire article and pasted it onto an email and sent it. Or maybe you copied the URL and sent it. Or maybe you ignored the whole thing. Well, now, if you look at the box underneath the small image on the top right hand side, you will see a box, with the second line showing an image of an envelope (for 'email'...get it?) and the words and the word "share". Click on that and you'll come to a page where you include your name, email address, your friend's email address, a a room for a brief message. Go ahead, try it!

I know you've seen these features on other websites for years. But like I said, LatinoLA may be slow, but we're still growing. And there's more to come.

¡Hasta luego!