Thursday, February 23, 2012


A long, long time ago, I received an email from Politico, (not the Arlington, VA-based political info powerhouse, but an email developed by James A. Garcia that listed updates on Latino-oriented political issues and personalities). I don't know how I got on the list, but was glad to receive it.

Pretty cool...something I was interested it, sent over to my very own inbox.

Something else I was interested in at the time were the Latino-oriented events taking place in L.A. (Still am).

There was a small column in the L.A. Weekly that featured Latino events and scattered announcements in the L.A. Times. I'd pick up flyers and postcards from events I'd attend. But all that info in one easy-to-access place? No go.

I gathered the clippings, postcards, flyers, etc., listed them chronologically on an email, and sent it to a few friend and colleagues whose email address I got from their business cards.

That was the genesis of

And the innovation continues. Let me know what YOU'D like to experience online.

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