Thursday, March 15, 2012

Still in My Sweats

I've been doing great at being showered, shaved, dressed and fed by 8:25 am, then walk Linda to work at the Central Library. Today, I took the Scion to get serviced, just got it back, did a lot of things in-between and doing more now. But today, I'm still in my sweats, hungry and anticipating a road trip to Oakland to pick up Alicia from school for spring break.

It's back to completing LatinoCities entry to The Knight News Challenge. About 2/3rds there. But first something to eat.

I ate a burrito de cream cheese and salsa roja. Drank horchata. Got back to the entry, tightened up the answers and emailed team mates Richard Koffler and Nonny de la Peña for their feedback.


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