Monday, August 20, 2012

I'll Be the Judge of That - La Estrella de Panorama Mall

I had the honor and pleasure of serving as a judge for La Estrella de Panorama Mall, a singing competition which took place at the Valley's shopping center from July 14 through August 19. Although I only participated in the first round and finals, it was a lot of fun and inspirational. Thanks to Joman Wong, marketing lead at the mall, along with the host, fellow judges (including the Reyna Treviño) and of course, the contestants. I live tweeted comments and photos during the finals. Here they are: El Editor tweeting La Estrella de @panoramamall finals w/grand prize $1000 shopping spree @dianamera does soundcheck.
DJ Ray get the crowd moving with Cumbia remixes at La Estrella de @panoramamall
Mason Reese dedicates Selena's I Could Fall on Love to her mother
Leon Green tears up Buttercup
Carlos Pacheco belts out Payaso
Angel Mejia sings Cielo Rojo
Cristal Morales wows the crowd with Por Amor
Jose Pacheco finishes La Estrella de @panoramamall finals with Entre El Amor y Yo, dedicating the song to the ladies
Dancers take to the stage as final votes are counted
First place! Jose Pacheco! Congrats to all contestants of La Estrella
I'll add the link to the LatinoLA article once it's uploaded.