Saturday, July 6, 2013 at 14

Another year came and went. We celebrated our 14th year online on July 1. Hooray!

Let's see:

12, 019 stories published, more or less.

21,550 calendar listings published, more or less.

14 years of newsletters, published weekly (most of the time, let's say, 45 per year times 14 equals ... 630 newsletters, more or less).

Stories by Frankie Firme - about 400, more or less

Page views - in the millions

Our listing on Google when you search on the word "Latino" - Number Four

People who've attended events we've listed: Millions, no doubt

People who've been moved to comment on our stories (to themselves, to their friends/colleagues/family or online): Millions, do doubt.

Yes, our analytics are state of the art.

Still, a sense of disquiet, of foreboding, of fatigue. This is still a struggling site, as I've been working on the next iteration of LatinoLA, calling it LatinoCities, for way too long. And each time I look into its progress, the timeline is pushed further back and further back.

I don't know how long I can continue. I know we are all struggling, but have I put too much effort into this endeavor at the expense of my career, family, personal life? Only I can answer that, but I ask you: Is LatinoLA still a worthwhile media player?

Thanks in advance for your honesty.